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"Hypnosis is a powerful yet safe, gentle and proven way of dealing with problems that the conscious mind alone can't change.  It is one of the few ways to get your mind to come on board with what you want it to do. Hypnosis a safe relaxed state that everyone has a natural ability to go into and out of any time they decide to.  

Hypnosis is a technique that communicates safe and sensible hypnosis suggestions to your Unconscious Mind allowing you to make the changes you want in your life.

When you get started using hypnosis it will help you to achieve & support: your weight loss goals, to quit addictions, stop smoking, lifestyle or health changes, eliminate or reduce cravings, clear fears & phobias, reduce anxiety, relief from stress, better relationships, ease depression, more confidence, improve performance, achieve your goals and your own idea of brilliance. All you need to be is ready and willing to be hypnotised and change. ​

I will simply guide you the rest of the way using safe, proven, understanding and trustworthy hypnosis techniques and support either in the clinic or via one of my many online downloadable hypnosis programmes.

… It is that easy"


Jeni Langdon - Impact Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnotherapist HH Dip (P.H)

Counsellor Dip.Couns. 

"Together we can harness your mind's unconscious potential to make the change you want in your life REAL unconsciously.  Many clients describe how surprised they were at how calm, confident and easy their hypnosis helped them achieve thier desired change." Jeni


"Hypnosis works... I feel completely empowered!" Lee Hunter, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

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