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Remove Sugar Dependancy - Sugary foods and drinks

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Remove Sugar Dependancy - Sugary foods and drinks

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This hypnosis helps your subconscious mind to believe that sugar and sweet foods are simply objects in the world, like many other things.  Your mind and body will learn to reject sweet foods and sweet drinks.

Your body will realize that you can get all the natural sugars that you require through eating fresh fruit and vegetables - and after listening to this hypnosis, you realise that from this point on you are satisfied with eating fresh fruit and vegetables.  You even begin to enjoy the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables.

While you can remember what sugars taste like, this hypnosis will enhance their actual taste to be much much stronger and sweeter and into a sickly sweet and unwanted taste.

After listening, you won't want those sugary foods and will simply prefer the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables.

As you are relaxing to the sound of this beautiful calm hypnosis, you will be hearing my words as you lose your desire for all sweet foods and sweet drinks while increasing your desire for fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks.

You can begin to really enjoy the taste of water find that  water is an automatic signal that causes you to be calm, focused, refreshed and satisfied.  You find yourself wanting to drink water to flush those unpleasant sugars away.  

This hypnosis takes you to a beautiful calm beach setting, however there is no swimming or going into the water.  It does have water gently lapping up against your toes and feet.  

You may also like to combine this hypnosis with our popular and proven Online Weight Loss Hypnosis Programme which includes titles such as: Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, Eat Less and Feeling Satisfied, Increase Your Desire To Eat Healthy Foods, and Exercise Motivation.



Jeni Langdon

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Weight Loss Specialist


NOTE - Sorry No CD's for discounted price.  Email me if you want a CD at $29.95 including freight.


5 out of 5, based on 45 reviews
Sarah from East Brisbane, Queensland on Jan 13, 2015
YAY!! No sugar over Christmas. I feel fantastic. Goal for 2015 = lose another 15 kilos and join the gym.
Jo from Logan on May 03, 2014
No sugar for me in over 5 months. This is great.
Helen from Perth on Mar 06, 2014
highly recommend - I haven't had sugar since listening
Margaret from NSW on Dec 04, 2013
For years I've yoyo dieted and never really got anywhere with it. I always start on Monday and by midday have quit on my diet. I've tried everything even surgery. Nothing worked or helped me.

Then I started one of your programmes, yes I expected another fad and listened diligently then forgot about it. The next morning I got up and had about 6 bites of my breakfast, got distracted and really didn't get back to it. This pattern somehow seemed to continue however I put it down to getting distracted by kids and life etc...

It was about a week later when I noticed I had a meal by myself and realised that after about 1/3rd of it I felt completely full and satisfied. I pushed the plate away and thought to my self. I've cracked this. I have changed. It has clicked in my head and so I contacted you to let you know. Your support and feedback was so supportive.

I got motivated and started to listen more regularly. I listed for about 3 months all up and now I'm naturally making healthy choices, drinking water, relaxing and taking time out for me, even exercising. It all seems normal.

I must laugh because I'm waiting for the "diet" to start. You did mention this might happen because you said it also happened to you when you lost your 45 kilograms, well done by the way, you are an inspiration.

Lets say I have remodelled my body shape and size to be probably over 25 kilograms lighter maybe more, my Dr has weighted me but I told her I don't want to know what it is. I've not actually weighed myself instead I've dropped clothing sizes and chucked out the old stuff.

I buy all your new hypnosis downloads and love them all. I really love the abundance one the most. It's helping me get want in many areas of my life.

Eternally grateful to you Jeni. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. I can truthfully say, your support and great hypnosis has changed my life. Please share this with anyone who will listen.

Lots of love, light and hugs to you beautiful lady
Tammy from Noosa, QLD on Nov 30, 2013
Quite odd, I had a thought to have something I used to eat with sugar in it and started going to get it and then just didn't want it anymore. That was months ago and I've had the odd thought and then it goes away. Tx
Trisha from NSW on Nov 14, 2013
Love this hypnosis. It's kept me off sugar for ages now.
Kym from Hamilton on Nov 12, 2013
Sugar free for me for months now. Great hypnosis highly recommend.
Michelle from Brisbane on Oct 13, 2013
Usually at this time on a Sunday i'm feeling full of sugar, guilty and pretty down on myself. you can imagine my surprise tonight when I sat down after my weekend and am feeling lighter and empowered as I realised I've not over eaten or over indulged. come to think of it, I've not even had sugar!! I'm on the gastric programme with the sugar one. Thanks for your help - Michelle - Brisbane
Irene from Torbay, NZ on Oct 05, 2013
Been reaching for water. Highly recommend this product.
Amy from Perth, WA on Oct 05, 2013
Now I eat fruit and love it! I carry a little orange juice and have a few sips if i need some energy. Otherwise, no white sugar for me in months!
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