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Remove Sugar Dependancy - Sugary foods and drinks
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Remove Sugar Dependancy - Sugary foods and drinks

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This hypnosis helps your subconscious mind to believe that sugar and sweet foods are simply objects in the world, like many other things.  Your mind and body will learn to reject sweet foods and sweet drinks.

Your body will realize that you can get all the natural sugars that you require through eating fresh fruit and vegetables - and after listening to this hypnosis, you realise that from this point on you are satisfied with eating fresh fruit and vegetables.  You even begin to enjoy the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables.

While you can remember what sugars taste like, this hypnosis will enhance their actual taste to be much much stronger and sweeter and into a sickly sweet and unwanted taste.

After listening, you won't want those sugary foods and will simply prefer the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables.

As you are relaxing to the sound of this beautiful calm hypnosis, you will be hearing my words as you lose your desire for all sweet foods and sweet drinks while increasing your desire for fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks.

You can begin to really enjoy the taste of water find that  water is an automatic signal that causes you to be calm, focused, refreshed and satisfied.  You find yourself wanting to drink water to flush those unpleasant sugars away.  

This hypnosis takes you to a beautiful calm beach setting, however there is no swimming or going into the water.  It does have water gently lapping up against your toes and feet.  

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Jeni Langdon

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Weight Loss Specialist


NOTE - Sorry No CD's for discounted price.  Email me if you want a CD at $29.95 including freight.


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